Web Design


I can do web design and web animation as well!

Me+Crepe Web Design

Web Design

This is the website I designed for a local restaurant Me+Crepe. The design considered UI and  AI very much to ensure this renovated website is capable of attracting more new customers.

RJ Consulting Web Design

Web Design

This is the WordPress website that I designed for a start-up business called R&J Consulting Group. The design concept is clean and neat, and the site considered the functionalities, IA and interface design at the same time.

E-commerce Shop

Web Design

This is the online tea shop that is mostly done by using HTML, css, as well as a bit of JavaScript. It is important to have some featured functionalities for the site such as some active button that users could click. Also, some modals are very necessary as well.

Animated Form card

Web Animation

This is web animation that I designed for a juice shop. It is an online order form, which the form will pop up when people click the dog button. There are moving objects, whichare lemons, from top to bottom at the background.