Spring Tea Shop


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Framework, Photoshop


Spring Tea shop is an e-commerce website that mostly sells Chinese traditional products. The design look is trying to grab people's attention at very first second as they see the site. In order to match the topic, the colour scheme for the site is to keep everything green and blue. Also, there are many featured functionalities on the site such as buttons and so on. Also, the grid system provides a more interactive interface.

  • Improve the good reputation of Spring tea shop
  • Increase the number of orders from week by week
  • Increase the numbers of returning users
  • Attract new users/customers on monthly basis
Design Process

During the time when I designed the site, I actually met many unexpected problems. I played with navigation bar for long time because I was trying to make that section responsive. Meanwhile, I inserted many modals inside of the site. For example, when people click sign-up button, the form modal will pop up. So, I figured out how to inserted the modals as well.

Basically, I used the grid system, as well as flex box to create the site because I found grids will give a clear look for the site, and what I did was just need to calculate how many columns I needed. For the hero section, I just used the JavaScript to make the slideshow work.