Series Poster Design


InDesign, Photoshop

Design purpose:

This series poster design is mainly to introduce the Asian tea culture to the public who are interested in tea stuff. To be more specifically, this poster could be used in a promotional way. As one of the famous culture, tea has been existing over 5000 years in China, which means it has a very long history in most Asian countries. This event also wants people to learn and know something about tea culture such as tea types, tea ceremony, and so on. The design keeps the simple layout because otherwise people might feel busy looking at the posters. Overall, the objective is to attract more people to come and join this special tea event.


I actually had many difficulties while I designed the poster because this is an event about Asian culture, and I am not sure if people would love to participate after they looked at the posters. Therefore, I spent long time figuring the design layout out. I finally decided to use the teacup and teapot to represent my idea mostly. Even though these two objects are kind of cliche, they are still very good to tell a story. In design principal, it is very important that the design could tell a story.

Also, I played with typography and the use of color for a while to determine the font size, typeface, and even the font color. For the alignment, it is important because as a series poster, they should look visually the same, yet you still can find some changes. Therefore, I had center aligned, left aligned, as well as right aligned. For the images, I think tea plantations could be a good choice because it is related to the topic.