Moda Hotel Interface Design


Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision Prototype


Moda Hotel is a contemporary design hotel that is located in Downtown Vancouver. As a well-designed building, Moda is a perfect place for families and visitors to stay. The mobile interface design for this hotel is to make the booking easier for customers. The entire look and feel of the design is warm and comfortable, which gives audiences a home feeling.

  • Increase the number of bookings from time to time
  • Increase the numbers of new/returning users
  • Improve the reputation in this industry
Design Process

Originally, the entire site is not working properly on the phone. Nowadays, people tend to use phones more often and they would love to deal with everything over smartphones. Therefore, in order to increase more orders and bookings of the hotel, it is essential to make the whole site responsive. There is a huge call-to-action in the banner on the home page, which is "book" button.

For the site design, I decided to use a warm colour based to deliver the home-feeling to audiences. As a hotel, the design should be simple and easy to navigate so that the audiences will easily find what they want on the site. I also used Photoshop and Illustrator to process images. The typography and font size are important for the site because everything should be properly displayed on the phone.