Global Atomic Interface Design


Photoshop, Wireframe


Global Atomic Design is a fashion boutique store that carries many famous street and well-known brands. As the an online clothing shopping store, it should grab people's attention immediately when visitors browse the site, and in this way, visitors would stay longer and start shopping the site. So, I mainly used the pink color to represent a fashion, young, and energetic feeling.

  • Improve the reputation of Global Atomic within the industry
  • Increase the number of orders constantly
  • Increase the numbers of returning users
  • Attract new users/customers on weekly basis
  • Optimize search engine in the long run
Design Process

Basically, I just did everything through Photoshop because this is more like a industry standard so that I can show the work to my client in a better way. By using the grid system, I aligned all the items and texts perfectly. For interface design, the most important thing is to have a better structure for the site. So, I labelled everything in a well-organized way.

For the overall look and feel, I think it successfully displays a fashion website because the colour scheme I chose was good to tell it is a fashion website. Also, layout is specifically for mobile users, so everything should be perfectly fitted into a smaller screen to show all the details. That's why I put everything into two columns because it will be easier for users to see each product.