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Me+Crepe is a Chinese restaurant that was founded in 2016 in Richmond, BC, which focused on bringing the Chinese traditional crepes (Jian Bing) to more locations all over the world. In 2017, Me+Crepe opened two stores in Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby. There are 13 stores spreading in Vancouver (6 stores), Los Angeles (2 stores), Seattle (1 store), Shanghai (3 stores), and Milan (1 store).

The design concept keeps a well-organized style to ensure audiences can take the most important information away from the site such as checking out the locations around the world, as well as menu in different countries. It is crucial to navigate people to the right place.

  • Attract new customers and raise attention from local market
  • Increase the numbers of returning users
  • Introduce and promote events or new products on website
  • Build the good solid reputation in the market in Metro Vancouver