Magazine Cover



InDesign, Photoshop.


This is the magazine cover that I created for a home decor magazine. For me, a magazine cover should basically contain the most important information. It is important to choose the appropriate typography, font size, color, and even the image you will be using. In this magazine, I just stayed the simple and clean design.

  • Designing the cover that can communicate the main idea of the magazine.
  • Promote and brand the magazine
  • Promote a lifestyle
Design Process

For this magazine, first, I brought the image back to Photoshop to do some changes on the wall. I used healing tool to remove some unwanted parts. Also, I chose a more modern font because this magazine is more like a modern home decor style. Meanwhile, for spacing, I adjusted them manually with ruler guide because it gave me a better sense of where I could align them better. Also, the simple image matches the magazine style as well.