InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


For this project, the primary goal is to invite more people to plant trees and green their own community so that to green the entire country. Also, this infographic design aims to guide people how to correctly plant trees in a good way. In this design, I incorporated many elements into design to make it more attractive. This brochure keeps a clean design and everything is well organized including texts and graphs.

Design Process

In this infographic design, I designed the logo in Illustrator. I used pen tool to layout three different types of logos, and finally I decided to use the word g (with the leaf inside of the letter) to better represent the event logo. It is a special logo that can grab audiences attention at the first sight. Also, I incorporated many statistical facts into design and used graphs to display the information, which could effectively for audiences to read the information. The colour scheme is mainly green because it is about green the environment, which could perfectly match the design concept as well.

I also used Photoshop to process the images. On the top of the design, I used photoshop to make the tree image more abstract. With the texts around the trees, I think audiences will receive the information about the benefits of planting trees. In this graphic design, it is very essential to think about alignment of the texts and objects, so I used grid system and guidelines to layout the texts and images. In order to keep the design simple and clean, I didn't contain too many texts because audiences will be tired of reading words. Instead, I think graphs will be a good way of telling story.

Final Look