These are the graphic design projects including poster, brochure, and magazine cover design.

posters for Me+Crepe

Graphic Design

These are the posters designed for new items from Me+Crepe. Using design principles and concepts and delivering the necessary information is important. Choice of colours is also significant.

Logo branding

Graphic Design

This is the logo design for a tea shop called Tea Time, and the design keeps a simple and easy to remember style, which perfectly suits for the brand. This simple but abstract logo design will be helpful for branding.

Green day infographic design

Graphic Design

This is the infographic design for an event called green day, and the purpose is to invite more people in different communities to plant more trees. The design keeps a easy, comfortable and calm feeling for audiences.


Graphic Design

This is the cover that I designed for a home decor magazine. The overall look and feel of this cover design is simple, eye-catching, and well-organized because it will match the magazine concept in a way.


Graphic Design

This is the brochure design for a hot pot restaurant, and the purpose is to introduce the restaurant to the public, as well as introduce hot pot culture. The design keeps a simple principal and gives people warm feeling.


Graphic Design

These are series posters that I designed for an Asian Tea Festival event. The design makes the event attractive to the public. The purpose is to invite people to join the event and learn more about tea culture.