InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


For this project, I want to introduce the Chinese hot pot culture to people. Actually, there are more and more Chinese hot pot restaurants in Metro Vancouver, and it is becoming a unique kind of culture. The objective of this project is to introduce different types of hot pot and how people can enjoy hot pot in a better way. The brochure contains lots of basic information about hot pot, and people may have a better idea of what hot pot is.

Behind Story

The story behind this project is that I am a hot pot favor all the time. A few years ago, when I first came to Vancouver, there basically were not too many hot pot restaurants. But right now, there are more and more hot pot restaurants in Metro Vancouver. It’s more like the city has accepted the hot pot culture, and I believe this is what makes Vancouver unique as well. To me, hot pot is like a smell of home. Moreover, hot pot is the best friend in winter because it could make you feel warm. Also, it is always good to have hot pot when lots of friends are getting together.

Also, I played with typography and the use of color for a while to determine the font size, typeface, and even the font color. For the alignment, it is important because as a series poster, they should look visually the same, yet you still can find some changes. Therefore, I had center aligned, left aligned, as well as right aligned. For the images, I think tea plantations could be a good choice because it is related to the topic.


On the front page, I designed this logo with the words going along with the pot, which states that this brochure will contain the information about the hot pot. The images I used are those different types of hot pot, this is to give audiences a sense of how Chinese hot pot looks like. Inside the brochure, it also contains some history thing about traditional hot pot that allows people to read and get more away from the brochure. Moreover, it contains many information such as what you can put into the hot pot, as well as the hot pot sauce.

Also, the colour is basically the warm tone color, which could create a very comfortable and warm atmosphere because hot pot is like something you can enjoy with your family or friends, and in winter time, it could warm your body up as well. Also, there’s the red color in the design because red could be energetic, and passionate, which matches and support the concept as well. What's more, I chose to use the same design layout for different pages in order to keep the consistency of design.