Illustrator, Photoshop


For this project, I am design the logo for a sweet and warm tea shop called "Tea Time". The purpose is to help the shop branding and being recognizable in the market. In order to make the logo more unique, it is important to avoid the cliche design. Therefore, the simple leaf shape could be a unique one. Also, since this is the tea shop, I did choose a green colour the better represent the brand.


At first, when I did roughs for the logo, I did want to use some special elements such as Chinese words or letters in this logo design because this is actually a Chinese tea shop, which mainly sells Chinese tea. Therefore, I thought Chinese letters will be looking good for logo design. But the thing is, it would possibly be hard for many people who don't know about Chinese letters to recognize the brand. This way, it won't be helpful for branding because it is not recognizable. Therefore, I decided to use the simple shape of tea leaf to represent the brand.

In fact, many people would love to drink tea, so it is a good time to introduce the Chinese tea to them. So for the design, I used pen tool in Illustrator, and change the stroke profile to a more abstract shape. The simple tea leaf shape will be easily recognized by audiences when they take a look of the shop, and also knows what they are selling for. More importantly, the logo is easy to look on tea cans and other objects because of its simplicity. For typography, I chose a more modern style font to deliver a fashion and contemporary feeling.

Final Look