Graphic UX/UI Designer

Vancouver, BC

    Music Lover

   Game Lover

A Girl Who Loves Design

Mia is a Web Designer and UI/UX designer. She collaborates with many people, teams, and small business and helps branding and re-branding through her professional work. Mia's design intents to build more lasting and meaningful connections between brands and audiences.

Mia successfully graduated from BCIT and she is now working as a web developer in Metro Vancouver. For Miao, learning is never stopping, and she is still learning something new every day by sharing information and resource with colleagues. Through her previous work, it is evident to see that she has extraordinary potential in design industry.

Initially, Mia is from China, and she has been living in Canada for over seven years, and she loves her life in Vancouver. Besides her design work, Mia is also interested in music and traveling. She has possessed over ten years’ experience of playing the piano.